Dana White Wants BJ Penn To Retire

“B.J. is too tough for his own good. B.J. might not be knocked out, but the shots B.J. took would’ve knocked out a normal human being. He’s had his head bounced off the canvas like a basketball by Matt Hughes, by Georges St-Pierre and then Rory just did it to him. B.J. Penn has left that octagon looking like a f*cking alien. He’s too tough for his own good. You don’t knock out B.J. Penn. B.J. Penn absorbs every amount of punishment you give him. It doesn’t mean he hasn’t been taking damage. He’s taken a lot of damage, and I don’t want to see him take anymore.”

UFC President Dana White took to last weekend’s post-fight media event to weigh in on the fate and future of two-time UFC champion BJ Penn.

Is the UFC boss being accurate with his assessment and are his claims of damage a fair look at the recent history of BJ Penn?

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