Dana White Talks About BJ Penn’s Career: ‘There’s nothing left to prove’

After his loss at TUF 19 finale, BJ Penn announced his retirement from the sport. After the fights, UFC president Dana White had plenty to say about Penn’s impact on the UFC and his thoughts on the fighter’s retirement.

“BJ Penn was our jiu-jitsu coach before we even bought the UFC, you know, so I’ve known this guy forever. He’s one of two people who’s won two titles in two different weight classes, he built the 155 pound division, he’s a legend, he helped build the UFC and the list goes on and on of what BJ Penn has done. I’ve said this a million times, he’s got a beautiful wife, he’s got beautiful kids, he’s got a great family, he owns a UFC BJ Penn Gym in Hawaii. What more do you want BJ? There’s nothing left to prove. Fighting is a young mans sport and guess what, Matt Hughes could still fight in the UFC and so could Chuck Lidell and so could Forrest Griffin, I don’t want to make one dollar of that kind of money.”

“Another thing that makes BJ BJ is he didn’t just say I want another fight. BJ goes after the number three ranked guy in the world like one of the baddest dudes on the planet. BJ just didn’t want another fight, he went after a monster.”

White was asked if he regretted putting the fight together. He said he didn’t and explained what kind of effect Penn has on the fans and the audience.

“Let me tell you what, people weren’t flocking to see the finale of the Ultimate Fighter season 19.–They were coming in because BJ Penn was fighting again, against the number 3 bad-ass monster Frankie Edgar.”

“People love real fighters, people love guys who love to fight.–BJ Penn is one of those guys. He was so fun to watch and he would say crazy stuff.”


By Ryan Miller | Twitter

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