Dana White ‘blew off’ Gina Carano when she told him Holly Holm was legit

Gina Carano

When Holly Holm KO’d Ronda Rousey in the main event of UFC 193, nearly everyone was shocked at the flawless performance of Holm.

One person who wasn’t surprised however was Gina Carano, who spent some time training with Holy prior to the fight, and tried to give UFC President Dana White a heads up that Holm was the real deal, but according to Carano, White ‘blew her off’.

Carano spoke to FoxSports.com to tell the story:

“I did train with Holly a little in New Mexico. I remember talking to Dana White last year sometime in his office, he had the five top contenders in each weight class written on his office windows — male and female — and there were a couple names I couldn’t for the life of me figure out, why were not written down. Holly is the only one I mentioned because I knew they were in talks of negotiating with her and after seeing how talented she was and the most incredible work ethic.”

“I felt it was important to mention she is legit and should be up there. He laughed and blew it off mentioning something about her ground game but then again he did sign her not long after that so I think he knew. She seems like she deserved that in her life and career.”

So far we’ve heard that Rousey and Holm will have an immediate rematch, however no word yet on when Rousey will be able to fight.

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