Dana White: ‘Ask Anyone, Randy Couture Is Not A Good Guy’

“I don’t ever fault someone for trying to better their life. It’s how you handle it. Rich Franklin’s a man. He called us up. Said ‘I wanted to talk to your guys.’ He came in, he sat down.

“Never in the history of me being here will you hear a story about where a guy went to better himself, came in and talked to us, and we were against it or tried to hurt him. That’s not how we operate.

“All the guys that I’ve beefed with – the Randy Coutures, and the other guys… Randy Couture doesn’t have the balls to sit down face to face and talk to you about what he want to do.

“He’ll actually lie to your face. You know? Randy Couture looks like a great guy on paper. The reality of it is he’s not. He’s not a good guy. You can ask everybody that’s ever dealt with him.”

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