Dana Admits To Being Threatened By His Fighters Over Money/Contracts

“Oh yeah, there’s no doubt about it (That a fighter has threatened to beat Dana’s ass). There’s been many. One time, I was in a negotiation over a contract, and one of the fighters said, ‘Well how bout if I come down there and just beat your fucking ass?’ [laughs] Well, it’s not gonna help in the negotiations, and it’s definitely not gonna get you any more money… Um, there’s been a couple. Baroni did once. The other fighter, this guy is actually a manager now, it was Matt Hume… I’m in the fight business, man. I’m not in the nice business. I deal with 500 of the baddest dudes in the world, and their managers, who are sometimes ex fighters. That stuff happens. Guys get heated and offer to beat some asses sometimes.”

Big Boy sits down with UFC Owner Dana White and asks him some questions we’ve all been wondering about the UFC.



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