Dan Henderson: ‘Only Me And Nogueira Were Clean In PRIDE’


In a video interview with Rick J. Lee, Dan Henderson talks about drug testing. More specifically he talks about how easy it was for fighters to fake results and how it was back in the PRIDE FC days. Check it out.

“The way it was, I knew exactly when I was going to get drug tested. If I was one of these guys that did performance-enhancing drugs, it wouldn’t be a big deal. To know when I was going to get tested – do things prior to that to make sure that I’m getting a little bonus. It’s unfortunate that it’s taken that long to do, but I’m pretty happy that they finally started doing it.”

“PRIDE was what it is. I had asked about drug testing. They’d always drug test you over there, but it wasn’t for that. It was more for recreational drugs, cocaine and stuff like that. It was more for show. They made a comment that they’d probably only had a couple fighters, me and – I think they said, Nogueira would be the only fighters they had left if that was the case. Who knows what everybody was doing? All I know is that I’m happy they’re doing it now.”


By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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