Cung Le Wanted To End Career With Bellator

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Cung Le’s departure from the UFC was anything but a peaceful one. Following Le’s “UFC Fight Night: Macau” loss to Michael Bisping, it was announced Le tested positive for HGH, which led to the former Strikeforce champion to catch harsh criticism, especially given THIS picture he released prior to the fight.

Le denied his use of any PEDs, and was subsequently suspended for 9-months by the UFC. Given that the bout occurred in Macau, where there is no athletic commission, the UFC acted as its own governing body, leading to them extending the suspension to 12 months.

Details then emerged that there were errors made by the lab that the UFC used to test the blood sample, and as a result Le’s suspension was revoked, but the damage had already been done to Le’s image.

Le revealed recently that he asked for a release from his UFC contract following the entire disaster, but was denied.

He explained to MMAFighting what happened in his final bout against Michael Bisping, and why he asked for a release from his contract

“After the second round, I couldn’t see well. I could have said, `I’m done.’ But I said, ‘I’m going out on my shield.’ I thought that’s what the UFC wants, and that’s how I want my character to be remembered.”

“I knew if I didn’t knock him out, I’d probably be knocked out because I wouldn’t see what was coming. I put my life on the line and they threw me under the bus. I’d have fought for [Bellator CEO] Scott [Coker] if they had let me out of my contract.”

Le has since retired from MMA.