Correia Says ‘No’ To Fight With Miesha Tate

Tate eye

Miesha Tate is trying to get back to the top. And after her dominant performance over former title challenger Sara McMann, “Cupcake” called out Bethe Correia.

Correia doesn’t want it: (via PVT)

“Tate isn’t the only one that wants to face me. A lot of girls from the UFC roster want a bout with me. I already have a history in the UFC, I’m undefeated after three fights. I built this history, I want to fight against the champion and she wants to fight against me. Looking at Tate I see a girl that already had a shot. She fought with Ronda twice, it’s over for Tate. There is nothing for me to gain with this bout. She saw me as a person to give her the spotlights again. I want to face the champion.”

“I always wait for the UFC to decide and it will be decided if said by them. I can fight against Tate or any other. Sarah Kaufman is someone that is calling me again and again. I keep myself ready for anything. I will speak again, I can beat the champion. My time will come, I’m only waiting the UFC tell me when it’s going to happen.”