Correia: ‘I Wont Give Up Like Vitor Did’

Bethe Correia

Bethe Correia

Apparently even her fellow Brazilian fighters aren’t safe from the wrath of Bethe Correia.

During a Q&A with the Brazilian fans on Friday, Correia basically slammed Vitor Belfort and said that she will not give up like he did in his loss to Chris Weidman. Check out what else she had to say.

“I don’t fear anything. Fear comes, and I reject it. Vitor has a lot of qualities, but I’m different than him. He has the conditioning and psychology of a great fighter, but he’s not like me. I’m a fighter that grows under pressure. I don’t put my head down under pressure. I don’t get desperate and give up.

“What happened with Vitor is that he lost himself with the pressure. It was an important title for him. He’s a great athlete, but the pressure of the title was a big weight for him. But I believe a lot in myself, in my striking. I will win.”

Do you think she’s trying to hard to build herself up?

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