Cormier: ‘A bout with Gustafsson Make Sense’



“He’s got the biggest name. We’re both coming off of a loss. So it would make sense. If that’s the case, if they say Daniel, you and Alexander fight, and the winner will get a title shot against Anthony or Jon, then, yes.”

“It needs to be guy with name recognition. So where the people say, ‘OK, Daniel beat this guy, we need to see him either fight for the championship again, or he’s very close. Because to me Alexander and I, realistically, are two guys who could fight for the belt. Once you get past us, and Rashad, they’re all rematches. past them who you going to put in the cage with Jon?”

“Maybe the golden ticket is Gustafsson. Because if Rashad gets Gustafsson, maybe Rashad gets the title shot.”

During a recent interview with”The MMA Hour”,Daniel Cormier offered up his services against Alexander Gustafsson.

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