Coach: ‘Sonnen’s Game Has Evolved In The Past Few Weeks, Ready For Metamoris’

“There no points and [Chael]’s fighting the best grappler in the world today, and Galvao always goes for submissions, so Chael doing 20 minutes without being submitted… It’s hard to call it a win, but for the facts involved, it wouldn’t be a good result for Galvao. But I can’t call it a win for Chael. It will depend on how the fight goes… He has fought MMA for years, he doesn’t even remember the last time he fought a grappling match, but we’re basically getting him ready for a 20-minute fight against the best grappler in the world right now.”

“At first, we had to do some basics stuff because he was fighting like he used to in MMA, like resting inside his opponent’s guard. He had to stop doing that. He won’t have an easy time in this fight because you can’t punch. His defense was cut in half for this fight. I had to do some basics with him, submission and sweeps defense, but his game started to evolve over the past few weeks.”

In a recent interview with, Chael Sonnen’s grappling coach discussed his upcoming Metamoris match against Andre Galvao.

Think Sonnen’s getting subbed?

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