Coach: ‘Henderson Wanted Anderson Silva or Vitor Belfort After His Last Fight’

Dan Henderson KO


“Dan came to us and said guys, ‘I want Vitor or Anderson Silva.’ I said, ‘You’re crazy, Dan. You said two more fights, you’re done. Go enjoy your vacation. Don’t worry about that anymore. Just make your money.’ He said, ‘I’ll make my money and I want to ask for Vitor or Anderson Silva.'”

“He doesn’t just want to just get his check like we thought after the last fight. Nah, he wants to challenge himself. He’s putting himself in training. He’s going to push his training more, he’ll be motivated. He’ll be in great shape.”

MMA legend and UFC middleweight Dan ‘Hendo’ Henderson is scheduled to meet Vitor Belfort for the third time at UFC Fight Night 77 on Nov. 7 in Brazil.

His coach, Ricardo Feliciano, told MMAFighting that after his win over Tim Boetsch he immediately went to them and said he wanted to fight either Vitor Belfort or Anderson Silva. Looks like he got his wish.

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