SURPRISE! ‘Aldo’s Losing A Lot Of Money With Reebok Deal’

Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo and Reebok don’t really do well together. The UFC featherweight champion has publicly said that the new deal with the UFC is ‘Sh*t”.

Aldo’s coach Andre Pederneiras spoke during a press conference held at their gym earlier this week and said that yes, Aldo is losing a lot of money with the deal, and it’s not good for him either, but still stands behind his comments that if a fighter doesn’t like it then they should just leave.

“Some fighters really lost a lot (of money). Aldo is losing a lot. Others aren’t, some will make money. It was not good for me. I’m looking for ways to change what we were doing for this new scenario. We have to come up with different things to continue to make (money). It was not good for us as a company, but I completely understand what they are doing.”

“Everybody needs to understand that the UFC is a private company. I have my gym here and I have 300 employees. If I say all of my employees have to wear pink, they will. Who doesn’t want to, just leaves. I will say they are out. The UFC makes decisions they believe are good for the company. Right or wrong, they will know better than me, they are managing their company. They might get a year from now and say they blew it, but it’s a business decision.”

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