Chael Sonnen On The TRT Ban: “We finally have some clarity”

Hey remember when the Nevada State Athletic Commission banned TRT and everyone went nuts? Yes, the internet exploded with reactions and news stories about other commissions following the ruling and the UFC saying that they were also banning TRT. Then we had the big news that Vitor Belfort was no longer fighting for the title against Chris Weidman; man, it was a firestorm of testosterone packed news stories. Now ladies and gentleman, I bring you another one.

Chael Sonnen is a known TRT user and in an interview on Wrestling Observer Radio, he gave his thoughts on the ban and what it means for the MMA world,

“We finally have some clarity. I can tell you that. When I went through my deal in California, they’re telling me,”Hey you have testosterone” and I’m going, “So you’re telling me I tested positive for a legal substance, why are we having this discussion?” And they said, “Alright fine, it is legal but you didn’t disclose it properly.” And I’m saying, “Well just a second, I most certainly did, per your rules.” And then they sat there and said, “Well we don’t really have a disclosure process in place, so therefore you couldn’t have disclosed it properly.” And I’m scratching my head going, “You’re the government, it doesn’t work that way.” Anyway, the point is we now have clarity and it’s going to be a problem for some certain guys, but, so what? We now have clarity. At least in Nevada. And I think you’re right, I think it is going to follow suit and I think it’s going to spread throughout the entire nation and the world as you put it. But at least it’s clear and that message is real simple, testosterone is out, that’s it.”

By: Ryan C. Miller

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM