Chael Sonnen: ‘I Turn Chaos Into Cash’

Chael Sonnen

Chael P Sonnen

MMA’s Original Gangster Chael Sonnen has stayed relevant in the sport despite being retired and booted from his FOX Sports analyst gig.

Sonnen now works with ESPN and has his own podcast called ‘You’re Welcome’. He stays busy in the MMA world and always has a comment for every bit of news going around. So how does he maintainĀ a strong voice in the sport? Here’s what he had to say on The MMA Hour:

“If you can’t turn chaos into cash, you don’t know much about marketing. And I will tell you that I will create cash out of chaos every single time. And that statement is going to piss a lot of people off, which is only going to make me happy.”

“As far as legacy goes, there was a time in my career I would get asked that Ariel, and I would get red hot. There was a time in my career everything pissed me off. Any question you asked me was going to set me off one way or the other, but that one specifically because I never got it. I had to deal with these other guys sitting around talking about their legacy like anyone should give a damn about them. I graduated high school. I loved high school. I donate to my old high school. I’d coach at my old high school. I’d do anything for my old high school, but the last thing I want to do is wear a God damn lettermen’s jacket around when I’m out of high school, and there are guys that do it. Look, when you move on from something, move on.”

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