Chael Sonnen Doesn’t Believe “May/Pac” PPV Buyrate Rumors

Chael Sonnen


While rumors are coming out that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao shattered pay-per-view records and are in the “five million” range, Chael Sonnen refused to believe a thing until reports are out.

In a recent interview with BloodyElbow, Sonnen went in-depth on why he thinks the rumors coming out are “grossly embellished”.

“I was watching FOX News, which is supposed to be a real news channel, and I respect them, but they advertised that Pacquiao’s shorts alone were worth $250M. A quarter of a billion dollars! His six sponsors put up $40M per patch? Those are all publicly traded companies,” Sonnen explained.

“If one CEO signed off on that he would not only be removed, but he would be placed in prison, and that’s where his dumb ass would belong. The number of pay-per-views they did is great, but they’re grossly lying about it. The pay-per-view was sold through public companies like DirecTV, we can check the goddamn numbers. You don’t need to just believe they sold three-and-a-half million pay-per-views, cause they didn’t.”

Chael Sonnen doesn’t believe it, but how do you think the PPV did? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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