Chad Mendes Talks McGregor Fight: ‘Conor, You’re Fu*ked’


Yesterday it was announced that UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo pulled out of UFC 189 and Team Alpha Male’s Chad Mendes will be stepping in to fight Conor McGregor for the interim title.

McGregor was present for the announcement, with UFC president Dana White, and talked on ESPN’s Sportscenter about his new opponent, saying he was going to take Mendes’ head clean off.

Now, via Stud Show Radio, we have Mendes’ first comments about fighting McGregor at UFC 189. Mendes called into Tuesday night’s episode and talked to the guys about his title shot.

“It’s time to get paid, beat this guy up and get a belt.”

A lot of fans have been questioning if Mendes will really be ready to go in two weeks. ‘Money’ said that’s not even an issue, since he stays in shape year round, plus he won’t have to deal with McGregor’s usual antics.

“Not having to do all the media sh*t and listening to him run his mouth and just jumping right in is just perfect.”

Mendes was asked if the thought McGregor was scared, based off his demeanor in the ESPN interview, and said that yeah he should be since his whole training camp has been for a stand up fighter like Aldo.

“He should be, he’s been training for a guy who’s a stand up Muay Thai fighter this entire training camp and the last two weeks they throw in a fuc*ing pit-bull, who will take you down and whoop your as* and beat the sh*t out of you. So it’s like, why wouldn’t he be scared.”

Then, Mendes had a little fun and decided to throw a few shots at the Irishmen. McGregor is known for posting regularly on Instagram and Twitter and apparently posted a picture of himself doing the splits. Mendes said he doesn’t understand how he can do that and think he’s looking tough.

“I can’t fuc*ing do the splits, do you know why? Because I’m a fuc*ing man.”

And lastly, when given the chance to say one final thing to McGregor, he kept it simple and to the point.

“Conor, you’re fu*ked.”



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