Chad Mendes: ‘I’d Beat The Sh!t Out Of McGregor’

“Bottom line, this guy is the biggest shit talker I have ever seen or heard in my entire life. Basically, what he’s doing is trying to get up in the top mix as quickly as he can because he hasn’t fought anybody. I don’t know why this guy thinks he can win one or two fights against guys that are on a lower level and expect to be fighting for the title. So, he is running his mouth and talking shit to everybody and calling everyone out. That’s all it is. I mean, this guy he needs to fight someone in the top five and I guarantee he will get his ass kicked. I don’t see why he feels he needs to run his mouth, talking shit. It’s one thing to build the fight up, but to make it personal and talking shit about people, it’s not cool. This guy is just a shit talker who is trying to get to the top without doing the work. He needs to take his stupid-ass haircut, his goofy little suits and fight someone in the top five and prove himself before he doesn’t any of that.”

“I would beat the shit out of Conor McGregor. It wouldn’t even be a fight. I would knock that dude out in the first round. Guaranteed. The guy is a clown. Nope (he’s not on my level.) I think Cole has a great chance of going out there and submitting him. He better not take him lightly, because Cole can sneak a sub in there.”

During a recent stint on ‘The MMA Hour’, UFC featherweight title challenger, Chad ‘Money’ Mendes didn’t have many nice things to say about division loudmouth, Conor McGregor.


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