Cat Zingano Graces ESPN Magazine


UFC 184 headliner “Alpha” Cat Zingano was just featured in ESPN The Magazines latest issue.

Here’s a snip: (via ESPN)
“The Mag’s Allison Glock tells the story of Cat Zingano — the only fighter and mother in UFC — who was named the number one contender for Ronda Rousey’s Women’s Bantamweight title. While training, Zingano suffered a knee injury, had surgery and months later injured her other knee. While recovering from both injuries, Zingano’s husband and trainer Mauricio Zingano suddenly committed suicide in January 2014. After nearly a year and half away from the Octagon, Zingano returned in September at UFC 178 and decisively defeated Amanda Nunes and is now in line to face Rousey for the title February 28.”

Zingano faces Ronda Rousey for the UFC bantamweight championship on February 28.