Boxing Bests UFC In Weekend Ratings War — OUCH!

Dan Henderson

Dan Henderson

The UFC ate a big haymaker from boxing over the weekend in the form of ratings.

Here’s the breakdown:

UFC Fight Night 68– 950,000 average viewers during the main card broadcast on FOX Sports 1, with 782,000 viewers during the prelim broadcast. This was the third highest Fight Night event so far this year.

HBO’s Miguel Cotto vs. Daniel Geale– 1.6 million at peak viewership. Third rated HBO boxing event this year and the fifth rated American boxing event.

So needless to say boxing won this round. Did you watch one or both of the events?

This doesn’t say much about the ongoing, basically pointless, debate about MMA and boxing. Fans of boxing will always tune into the big fights, while MMA fans spread themselves among so many promotions and events. UFC Fight Night 68 was one of the best events in recent memory and thats all that really matters.

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