Bobby Green on Barboza bout: “This fight is nothing”


Leading up to UFC Fight Night 57 tomorrow night, Bobby Green revealed that he was contemplating retirement after his bout with Edson Barboza tomorrow night in Austin (See that HERE).

Green spoke to USA Today Sports to discuss his future in MMA.

“No one understands what the life of a fighter is. It’s a very hard life.”

“My brother was just killed, and people on social media can come and tell me some things about my dead brother? Some people have no heart. They have no care for a human being, and that’s not what I stand for.

“This business is tough. You have to have thick skin.”

“My brother has been killed. You’re going to try and tell me that anything is worse than that? That’s the worst, so what else can you do to me? This fight is nothing. I’ve got more sweat outside of the cage.”

Green went on to say that come fight night he will shift his focus to the fight.

Do you think Green will be able to put everything aside and put on a winning performance?

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