Blackzilians Founder: Work Ethic Not TRT Responsible For Belfort Rebirth

“People don’t really understand TRT, so they like to make a lot of statements and claims. The truth of the matter is that Vitor has been skilled for as long as he’s been in the sport, and TRT didn’t make his feet do that spinning kick. TRT doesn’t give him his work ethic. TRT doesn’t give him his mindset. TRT doesn’t give him his coordination. TRT doesn’t give him who he is as a fighter.

This is like a rebirth for him. It’s a rebirth for his career and for him as a person. This is the best he’s looked in years, and when you see him in the gym, you can see why. If you saw him train, there would be no questions asked. The man’s work ethic is just tremendous.

He’s in the gym 2-3 times a day, and even trains on Sundays. He’s dedicated and he gives up his entire life for his camp. Where other people sneak a little food or go out here and there, Vitor doesn’t. He shuts off everything in his life except family and training for his entire camp. That’s all he does. He dedicates himself like no one I have ever seen before. It’s just truly amazing and TRT isn’t responsible for any of that.”

The media world and fans are going nuts with speculation over Vitor’s TRT use in light of his recent performances.

In an attempt to set the record straight, Glenn Robinson, leader of the Blackzilians, recently spoke to Bloodyelbow’s Steph Daniels to discuss the topic and cast some light on Belfort’s work ethic while training.

It’s true, without a doubt, that TRT does not give a fighter the skills of a Vitor Belfort, but is the therapy an unfair advantage?

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