Bisping: “Vitor’s gonna be weaker, slower, not as strong” Off TRT

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“Vitor is the No. 1 contender. What were my feelings when he got put back [in that spot]? My feelings were this: That is a huge benefit for Chris Weidman, simply because Vitor was on testosterone replacement therapy for a long time, and that does have an impact on your body and the amount of muscle you carry.”

“The longer you are off the testosterone you were prescribed to take by a doctor, the more physical changes your body will make. But we could be talking over a year when he hasn’t been on the prescriptions he was before. I think the longer it goes before that fight happens, the more Chris Weidman will benefit.”

“Vitor’s gonna be weaker, slower, not as strong.”

During yesterday’s UFC conference call, Michael Bisping discussed his theory on the new TRT-Free Vitor Belfort (Pictured).

Is he right?


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