Bisping Says If Weidman Beats No-TRT Belfort It Means Nothing

“I’m definitely rooting for Chris Weidman.From a personal selfish position, regardless of what happened, Vitor does hold a victory over me; he connected with a decent head kick, and good for him. If Vitor was to be the champion, it might be more of a difficult sell fighting Vitor again… This is going to piss me off as well, because if Weidman is victorious, he fought Vitor not on the juice. So Weidman’s going to get even more credit. Is he credible? No. Anderson (Silva) broke his leg (in his second fight with Weidman); the first fight he acted like an idiot. Against Vitor, he fought him not on the juice. So let’s put it all in perspective.”

Old news now, because Belfort has been pulled from the event, but Bisping has a point.

Will a win over Machida validate Wiedman’s championship status?

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