Bigfoot Blames Doctor For Silva’s Positive PED Test


UFC heavyweight Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva is stepping up to defend his friend, and teammate Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva after it was revealed earlier this month that Silva failed a pre-fight random drug test ahead of UFC 183.

Bigfoot points out that Anderson has had a 17-year long MMA career, and has never tested positive for PED’s, until now, when he was seeking medical attention to recover from the broken leg suffered in his rematch against Chris Weidman.

That’s too much coincidence for Bigfoot, who spoke to Extra to discuss the failed drug test, saying the Brazilian athletic commission’s medical director, Dr. Marcio Tannure, is to blame.

“Anderson has fought since he was 17, during his long career he has never had a problem with doping. Unfortunately, this happened when he was returning from a long and intense healing process. I’m absolutely positive that he isn’t guilty of anything. He must have done something at his doctor’s suggestion. Anderson was a victim. I think that people from NSAC should verify this. It’s not the first time for this doctor (Tannure). NSAC should be aware of how fighters are, and who is causing these problems.”

“I had a problem with him, and ended up getting a nine month suspension. It was when TRT was allowed. I was cleared to use it, but the dosage that he gave me was too high.”

– Translation via BloodyElbow