Ben Rothwell Calls Out Former UFC Champ Andrei Arlovski

Ben Rothwell Matt Mitrione

Ben Rothwell Matt Mitrione

“But any of these guys that are out there right now, you know you’re talking Werdum, Cain, JDS, Andrei Arlovski, Stipe. I think any one of them is going to build a good case for myself. So it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I’m absolutely prepared for any one of them, because that’s how the UFC rolls. They’re going to do whatever. So we gotta to be prepared for anything. I tried to build a strong case for Andrei Arlovski. I think the fight makes sense. I think if Werdum is waiting till the end of the year and that’s when Junior says he’s going to be ready, well then I guess those two will fight. It doesn’t matter to me though. Whatever happens, I think any one of them opponents is a worthy opponent and it’s going to help me build my case.”

“I can’t tell you just exact fight logistics, but I’m telling you that when he fought me, I was a boy,” said Rothwell. “I mean I was fighting around, I had a lot fights. I had a lot out there, but mentally I was a boy. I just am not who I am now. I went past being a man and I am just something else completely. As far as to say, I just – I’ve said this before – I’m the martial artist that I’ve always dreamed of being, and I need Andrei Arlovski to face me. And he deserves to see what I can really do. He deserves to see me at my best, because he didn’t. And I got to watch him get his shot, to go on take on Fedor – who at the time was thought of as the best heavyweight ever. So he got that shot, so I feel like I deserve my shot. And we’re going to fight again, and if he beats me again, fine, so be it. But obviously I’m doing what I’m doing for a reason.”

That’s what UFC heavyweight Ben Rothwell had to say to Submission Radio, about calling out former champ Andrei Arlovski.

Arlovski is currently in talks to potentially be the next title challenger, so we’ll have to see how things play out.



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