Belfort on PEDs: ‘Everybody’s guilty until they’re tested’

Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort
“I didn’t talk about my fight — as a businessman I was talking about my future. They drug test everybody. Forty-percent (of fighters), they fail drug tests. Forty. That’s a big amount. So now they come with these new rules. These new rules, to work, everybody’s guilty until they’re tested. So if we want to be right, if someone is going to fight for the belt, it doesn’t matter if it’s Vitor Belfort or if it’s Joe Joseph or if it’s Ricardo. It doesn’t matter the name. It should be equal. Everybody has to be treated equal. It doesn’t matter if this is a rule. I’m just talking about what I think is fair. Not about me. Nothing about me. I could pass it everyday, I don’t care. But I’m saying, for something to work, for the future of our sport, everybody has to be treated the same.”

UFC middleweight title challenger Vitor Belfort talks about fairness with the UFC’s new drug testing policy.


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