Belfort: Controversial drug tests won’t tarnish my reputation

Vitor Belfort

Former UFC champion Vitor Belfort has been the subject of much criticism over the last few years for his controversial usage of Testosterone Replacement Theory.

Recently, it was revealed that the UFC knew Belfort had a sketchy drug test prior to his UFC 152 fight against Jon Jones back in 2012, however they allowed him to fight anyway. Just last month Belfort opened up about the drug test, and stated that he was cleared by the UFC and commission to fight, which sparked an outrage from fans.

Ahead of his trilogy fight against Dan Henderson this Saturday in Sao Paulo, Vitor Belfort spoke to media members to explain why his past TRT usage won’t tarnish his reputation.

Transcription via MMAFighting:

“After the TRT ban, I always followed the rules, but people didn’t understand. MMA decided to ban it, so it’s over.”

“It tarnishes one’s reputation when you hide things, but when you don’t have anything to hide, people like it. I have nothing to hide, I shared my exams. Some people understand it, others don’t, but it’s a medical condition. I still need the treatment, but I can’t have it, so I keep training and working.”

Do you think Belfort’s legacy has been tarnished?

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