Belcher Planning On “Bringing The Pain” To Okami This Saturday Night | UFC NEWS

“Every second we’re on the feet, I’m going to be bringing the pain to him. I’m going to make him make him not want to be in there with me. I want it worse than him, I want this win worse than any fight ever,” Belcher said.

“If he can’t get me down, he’s going to be crapping his pants. Whenever I hit him, he’s going to realize when he looks in my eyes that I want it a lot more than he does, and he’s just going to be the best he can just fighting off his instincts, his heart’s not really going to be in it because he’s going to feel my heart and my ferocity. He will be scared.”

In the midst of his ascension through the rankings, Alan Belcher is set to face former number one contender, Yushin Okami this weekend at UFC !55.

As he tells it to MMAWeekly, he is ready to bring the pain.


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