Not Based On Rankings, The UFC Changes Reebok Payment Plan For Fighters

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After a lot of flack from the fighters, as well as the media, the UFC has decided to change the way fighters will be paid from the Reebok sponsorship deal.

When the deal was first announced, it said that fighters would be compensated based on their rankings.

Now, after meeting with fighters and their teams, the UFC has revamped that structure and instead decided to go with a tenure system.

The fighters will be paid based on the number of fights they have had under the Zuffa banner, which includes Strikeforce and WEC. The groups will be 1-5 fights, 6-10 fights, 11-15 fights, 16-20 fights and more than 21. Depending with group a fighter is in, they will receive a certain amount of money from the Reebok deal. This doesn’t count for title fights, where both competitors will receive a higher amount.

[source: Sports Business Daily]

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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