Arthur Jones Talks About Fighting Younger Bro, Jon Jones: “I’ll whoop his butt”

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Oh brotherly love. If you didn’t already know, the Jones family have successfully figured out a formula to breed champion caliber athletes. Jon Jones is currently the UFC’s light-heavyweight champion and widely considered the best pound-for-pound fighter. The youngest of the three siblings, Chandler Jones, is a starting defensive end for the New England Patriots and the oldest brother, Arthur Jones is now an Indianapolis Colt defensive end, who previously played for the Baltimore Ravens, where he won a super bowl.

Arthur recently spoke about his sibling rivalries during his introductory press conference in Indianapolis. Jones mentioned, “I can beat up my little brother, too,” while he was talking about going up against opposing offensive linemen.

“On record, and you can tell him that, too, I’ll whoop his butt, and it’s no secret,” Jones said. “If you look at articles out there, he’ll tell you, me being the older brother, I’ve never lost a fight to him. Our last fight was probably maybe a year or two ago, but I’ve never lost a fight.”

The oldest Jones brother did clarify that he’s smart enough not to let “Bones” Jones do what he does best.

“I’ll give it to him, this is what he does for a living. He’s a UFC fighter, he’s the world champion,” Jones said. “I’m smart enough that I’m going to fight him in a closed area, if it goes down, not in an open space where he can kick and punch. I wasn’t a slouch, myself, not to toot my own horn, but I was a two-time wrestling champ. I wasn’t too bad and I can carry my own.”

Jones admitted that there would probably have to be some pretty drastic measures taken in order for him to make the 205 pound weight limit. He currently weighs in at 315 pounds.

“I’d probably have to cut off my left leg and maybe an arm.”

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