Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva: Brazil Fans Are Fickle


Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva was on the receiving end of a brutal knockout loss against Frank Mir this past Sunday night. After the bout, social media and fans throughout Brazil were questioning Silva’s ability to take a punch and whether or not he should hang up his gloves.

Silva addressed the issue during the “UFC Fight Night: Mir vs. Bigfoot” post fight press conference.

“… Some people don’t understand fighting. Some people that never train or never got in a dojo— they never even do jiu-jitsu, much less train MMA. They never slapped anyone. They never even slapped a baby’s butt. They don’t know what we go through. They don’t know our sacrifice inside the gym. We’re human beings like any others.”

Unfortunately the Brasilian fans think that when you lose you’re no good and you need to retire, but when you win you’re the best. I wasn’t worried about (getting fired). I was worried about having a good fight. Unfortauntly I didn’t have the victory. But the Brasilian fans like that. Now it’s time for me to retire. Now it’s time for me to stop but then tomorrow if I have a great fight, and I have another great fight— then all of the sudden (I’m) the best.

Do you think fans are being too hard on Silva or is Silva in denial of what they’re saying? Join the discussion below and share your thoughts in the comment section!