Anthony Johnson Offers Weight Advice To Lineker And Gastelum: “Listen To Your Body!”


Leading up to UFC 183, both John Lineker and Kelvin Gastelum missed weight.

For Lineker, this was the 4th time the flyweight star missed weight, and he did so by 5 pounds. This forced UFC President Dana White to announce that he could no longer fight at flyweight, and would have to move up to bantamweight.

For Gastelum, this was the 2nd time he missed weight, and he did so by 9 pounds after being hospitalized the day before weigh-ins, when he was ill. He also will have to move up a weight class, to the middleweight division.

Someone familiar with weight-cutting issues is Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson, who competed at welterweight at his lowest weight, and is now the light-heavyweight #1 contender.

He spoke to media members at a media scrum at UFC 183 last night.

“Listen to your body. Listen to your body!”

“Gastelum is a wrestler. We wrestlers have this mentality where we try to lose as much weight as we can because we’ll be bigger, faster, stronger. But this isn’t high school anymore. This isn’t college. This is the real deal and we can’t lose weight like that.”

“In college, you have the first round like 2 minutes, then 3 minutes. That’s nothing compared to MMA in my opinion. It’s a totally different pace and everything. Your body can’t take that. So just listen to your body and go up in weight.”

“You miss out on a lot of training when you’re cutting that much weight. It’s night and day from now and competing at 170.”