Anthony Johnson Apologizes For ‘Ugly Girl’ Rant


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UFC light heavyweight Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson decided to put out a very detailed and not so flattering rant about a girl he got into an argument with while at his gym.

In it, he referred to her as the girl “built like a bag of dry dog food” and went on to explain how she was stretching on her yoga mat in the middle of where people were trying to lift weights. He said he eventually snatched her yoga mat and threw it across the street.

He posted the rant on Facebook, but then deleted it. A day after, he decided to release an apology.

“I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong and yesterday I was absolutely wrong.”

“I shouldn’t have gotten that upset from the start but I did, I mean I’m human. I said some pretty nasty things about a female from my gym while full of emotions (not a good idea) so I do wanna apologize to her for being rude as I was and not taking a break to relax after our argument.

“Sorry to everyone else too for having to witness me getting upset about a argument in the gym. I’m not going to sugarcoat it and make it seem like I’m a angel because I’m not but I will admit when I’m wrong. Other than that I hope everybody has a awesome day.”

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