Andrei Arlovski has a message for all his UFC 191 haters

Andrei Arlovski and Frank Mir were showered with a chorus of boos when their highly anticipated heavyweight clash turned out to be lackluster. Arlovski has already stated that he is ready to get back on the horse to eventually make a run at the UFC Heavyweight Championship again, but before he does that he has a message for all of his haters who keep judging his UFC 191 performance.

“You know what, I just don’t want to be rude, but F**k all the people,” Arlovski said to Submission Radio. “It’s just easy to stay on the couch and say something. Just put your gloves on and step in the octagon with someone.”

Arlovski understands their fight left more to be desired in terms of action, but he is still happy about certain aspects of the fight. “Listen, I did what I did. And actually I’m happy about some parts of the fight. For example when he took me down, he looked for a Kimura. I just escaped, I got out, and by the cage I pretty much controlled him the whole time. So there were some good parts of the fight that I was happy about.”

Arlovski continued, “But of course it wasn’t a KO, and that’s why people think ‘oh it like…’. But it’s not the worst performance. I saw the fight a few times already and I won every round compared to the judges. I don’t even listen or read some stuff from the Internet.”

Arlovski was on his way to a shot at the heavyweight championship before this fight derailed him. The fight was a victory in favor of “The Pitbull”, so the performance couldn’t have hurt him TOO much. If he can gain one more exciting victory, do you think he deserves a shot at the championship? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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