Anderson Silva Suspended 1 Year And Win Over Nick Diaz Overturned

Anderson Silva


Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva finally had his day in ‘court’, when he appeared in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission to deal with his failed drug tests from UFC 183.

That fight happened back in January and the hearing just took place today, due to several extensions and delays. However the day finally came and Silva had his chance to present his defense in front of the Commission.

The hearing lasted a very long time, with lots of back and forth from Silva’s team and the commission. Things didn’t look good from the start, with the commission very weary of Silva’s ‘sexual performance’ defense. After a lot of testimony, the commission all seemed ready to hand down the harshest penalty because of what they saw as ‘inconsistent testimonies’.

After giving him a bit of a scolding, they handed down their final verdict.

Silva was suspended for 12 months, the result of his fight with Nick Diaz has been changed to NC, his win bonus withheld and he is responsible for paying back the attorney general.

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