Anderson Silva Opens Up as Favorite in Rematch Against Chris Weidman

Regardless of whether or not, you believe Chris Weidman’s (10-0) win over former UFC middleweight champ, Anderson Silva (33-5) was a fluke or not, Silva has opened up as a favorite in early betting lines for a rematch that has yet to be announced or scheduled. Silva had gone undefeated in his previous 16 fights in the UFC, and had defended his title 10 times before getting knocked out by Chris Weidman at UFC 162.

At -175 per, Silva nears some of his closest betting lines in his career. For new UFC middleweight champion, Chris Weidman, a modest +155 marks his lines for the fight.

As the payout for a Weidman victory will increase your returns, a bet isn’t too crazy of an investment after what we saw in the first fight.

As for the rematch, Weidman is surely looking to defend his title against a more conservative Silva who might even challenge the him or make him work through adversity. But, the rule of the victor in the first fight having worse odds in the second may ring true.

The theory is that the victor learns less from the fight as their strategy worked out for them while the loser goes back to the drawing board and builds from the loss to come back a more improved fighter. This is just a theory, however, and the actual fight is an unpredictable mess, that has no official date as of now.


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