Anderson Silva Explains Why He Jumped The Cage To Celebrate With Jon Jones

Silva emotional celebration

Following the conclusion of the 5th round of UFC 183, Anderson Silva jumped the Octagon fence and shared a moment with UFC light heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones.

Silva and Jones have trained together in the past, and even had a sparring session (See that HERE), but many wondered why Silva went as far as to scale the cage to share a moment with Jones.

He explained at the post-fight press conference, without directly answering the question.

“Jones is my friend. I talk to Jones all the time. He’s young. He has all the problems. All the people hear his problems. There are problems in the world. The people talk (that) this guy is bad. He’s not bad.”

“When I talk to Jones, I say, bro, I like you bro. You need to change. All the kids are watching you, the families are watching you. You’re the best fighter now. You need to change everything.”