Alves Was Taken to Hospital for Broken Nose After Loss to Condit

Thiago Alves

In what was expected to be a five round war between veterans Carlos Condit and Thiago Alves was cut short when a doctor waved the fight off due to Alves’ broken nose. Actually, “broken” may be an understatement.

A broken nose is a common injury suffered amongst fighters not only in the octagon, but in the gym as well. Alves’ nose was so seriously damaged, though, that he was taken to the hospital after his main-event bout with Condit!

UFC’s General Manager of Operations in Brazil, Giovani Decker, mentioned during the post fight press conference that Alves was transported to the hospital for treatment after his fight. “Maybe broke his nose… probably broke his nose,” Decker said. “The referee stopped the fight because he could practically not breathe anymore, and we’re awaiting news to release to you guys.”

Was the doctor right in waving the fight off for Alves’ safety, or should the fight have kept going? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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