Aldo: McGregor Fight Proves Rankings Mean Nothing


“From a sportive standpoint, we try to look it with good eyes. I don’t see any problems. If you have problems, you need to take more things because the doctor prescribed, that’s fine. Nobody stays young forever. However, if you try to take advantage with that, then I think it’s unfair with those who fight clean.

“But if you test in every sport, only a few would test clean, 100 percent healthy, that only train and eat rice and beans. That doesn’t exist. If you go see the Olympics, several athletes said they were using something and there was no campaign (to stop it) until they retire.”

“It’s bad for the sport in one side, and I don’t see problems with that on the other side. I never doubted anyone who fought me, I only think about me, in my training and doing my best in there. If the fighter is on something or not, I don’t see any problems.

“I won’t crucify the guy because he’s juiced or not. It doesn’t change anything for me. What interferes for me is my training, my team, doing my best and winning the fight. the same punch I threw on the clean fighter, I drew on the juiced fighter.”

“I starting to like this. We have to talk a little trash to sell fights, talk more, because we know we will profit more from that. It’s important. It’s great for me, for [McGregor] and the UFC that this fight happens because of the money.

“Everybody wins. But if you talk about rankings, I don’t think he deserves because they create the rankings for that. But those rankings never meant s**t anyway, nobody f***ing follows it, so that’s great for me because of the money.”

In a new interview with The Brazilian Press, UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo touched on PEDs and the UFC fighter rankings.

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