After Getting Lifetime Ban Overturned, Wanderlei Will Again Face The NSAC

Looks like Wanderlei Silva will be heading back to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The last time he was there the commission handed him a lifetime ban after he ran away from a drug test.

Silva and his legal team then appealed the ban, saying that he wasn’t even licensed by the NSAC at the time of the test, therefore they didn’t have jurisdiction to test him. The ban was overturned by a Nevada District judge who said that the ban was, “arbitrary and capricious,” then ordered the NSAC to hand down a proper ruling.

So, Silva, or rather his team because he won’t actually be there, will once again go in front of the NSAC so they can hand down a new ruling. The hearing will take place on Oct. 29. Silva’s attorney, Ross Goodman, told MMAJunkie that Silva wouldn’t be present because they don’t want ‘to do a Nick Diaz.’

“I just want to get (the hearing) done, so we can get (the appeal) back to the Supreme Court.”

“I’m not going to have him show up, because our whole position is that they don’t have jurisdiction over him anyway. I’m not going to do a Nick Diaz. There’s nothing to gain.”

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