TJ Dillashaw: ‘McGregor Wasn’t There For His TUF Team’


UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw joined his teammate Urijah Faber on the set of the upcoming The Ultimate Fighter series and had some insight into just how well McGregor did as a coach.

While talking to the media at UFC 191, Dillashaw had plenty to say about the Irishmen.

You have to laugh that guy off, he’s all talk. I think he’s more interested in how much money he’s making than actually getting better in the sport.”

Dillashaw was asked about McGregor’s constant remarks about the numbers and how he makes more than everyone else. Dillashaw admitted that, yeah, it is hard to argue that point because for the most part it’s true.

“It’s hard to argue. He had more fights at his weigh-ins than I think I had at my fight in Sacramento.”

On whether he would ever jump up to fight McGregor:

“Oh I would love that fight, that would be amazing. That’s something I would love to do.”

Then he was asked how he did on TUF and Dillashaw said he was hardly ever there, mostly just for the weigh-ins and the fights.

“He was hardly there, he barley showed up. He was just there for the weigh-ins and fights it seemed like. He wasn’t there for his team at all.”

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