McGregor Insists He’s On Floyd Mayweather’s Level

Conor McGregor belt


UFC interm featherweight champion Conor McGregor has a lot of confidence, just in case you hadn’t noticed by now.

The Irishmen believes the ‘fight game’ is all his and he’s the only reason to love MMA. The guy talks a lot, but so far has backed it up in the octagon. He will now fight Jose Aldo (hopefully) at UFC 194 on Dec. 12 to try and prove he’s the best.

Sure McGregor talks a lot about Aldo, but we all know that’s not the only fighter he’s ever bashed or called out. In a recent media luncheon, McGregor name dropped Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva and Floyd Mayweather, saying that none of them were on his level when they were his age.

McGregor went one step farther and said he believes he’s currently on the same level as Mayweather, or rather, eye to eye.

Check it out!

“I feel, I’m about to be here, eye to eye (to Mayweather). That’s where I feel I’m at. That’s a good thing. There’s been nobody eye to eye in this game just yet. I feel, I am eye to eye.”

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