Cung Le: ‘Dana White Tried To ‘Strong Arm’ Me Into Admitting PED Use’

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dana white

Things between retired MMA fighter Cung Le and the UFC aren’t very good.

Le is a plaintiff in the class action anti-trust lawsuit against Zuffa and recently spoke with fellow plaintiff Nate Quarry on a podcast and detailed the final year with the UFC and how things got really bad.

Here’s Le talking about the situation where he tested positive for elevated levels of human growth hormone in a drug tests overseen by the UFC. He was suspended for a year until Le and his manager presented information showing that he in fact should not have been suspended for the results.

The UFC overturned the suspension and retracted what they had put out, but according to the fighter his name was already damaged by the UFC’s mistake.

Check out what he says about the situation:

“Gary [Ibarra] presented that to them. At the time I didn’t even want to talk to them. I was disgusted with what happened. They agreed to lift my suspension and let it go. Of course, the day Gary calls me and says [UFC] are going to release a thing saying that the suspension has been lifted and they’re retracting what happened, Dana called me and tells me if I just admit it, it’ll be easier.

“The public would forgive me more. ‘Look at the pitcher from the New York Giants[sic], he got busted for something.’ Dana was saying it’s easier just to admit it. I just didn’t want to talk to him anymore. Had to hang up. He might as well have just sent some thugs to my house to strong-arm me or something. It’s just ridiculous. Sometimes you get the s**t end of the stick and they just happen to be the s**t.”

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