VIDEO | NHL player knocks opponent out cold with one punch

Legendary NHL enforcer Tie Domi earned the reputation as one of the most feared men on the ice throughout the course of his 17 year professional hockey career, during which he was involved in numerous iconic fights.

With that being said, it shouldn’t come as a major surprise that his son, Max Domi, who is in his sophomore year in the league, is equally as willing to throw down with the opposing team.

Max Domi

When Anaheim Ducks alternate captain Ryan Kesler pushed Domi in the face after being checked, he had no idea he would then find himself out cold on the ice after an extremely brief fight.

Both men dropped their gloves at the end of the first period, and it took just one punch for Domi to knock Kesler out cold, and get himself ejected from the game.

Domi has racked up 7 points throughout the first 11 games of the Phoenix Coyotes season while averaging just under 18 minutes on ice per game.

Last year, Max Domi’s father, Tie Domi, was featured for’s inaugural ‘Tough Guy Tuesday’ segment which took a look at some of the toughest men with the best fights in various sports outside of mixed martial arts.

Tie Domi

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