VIDEO | Michael Bisping weighs-in on Anthony Pettis declining to attempt to cut final 3 pounds

Friday morning, the MMA community learned that former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis was struggling to make the featherweight limit of 145 pounds for his scheduled UFC 206 main event scrap with Max Holloway. When time came to hit the scales, ‘Showtime’ weighed-in three pounds over the featherweight title fight limit of 145 pounds.

After Pettis weighed-in overweight, he was given the option to attempt to cut the remaining three pounds and then once again try to weigh-in. Surprisingly, Pettis opted to decline the opportunity, and will be stepping into the fight tomorrow after having weighed-in at 148 pounds.

Ultimately, as a result, the UFC brass was forced to make a change to the bout, where Pettis can no longer become interim champion with a win. In addition, the former lightweight champ was forced to forfeit 20% of his purse to Holloway.

Following the news of Pettis coming in overweight, and then declining to attempt to cut the remaining three pounds, UFC middleweight champion used his spot on UFC Tonight to discuss the situation, saying:

“I don’t want to kick a man while he’s down, but we’re all severely dehydrated. If a doctor came and saw any of us when we’re making weight he would say, ‘you’re severely dehydrated, you need to hydrate immediately Mr. Bisping.’ That’s what they would always say! A doctor of course is going to say that! You don’t take that advice. You don’t listen to a doctor.”

After some laughs over his advice to ignore a doctor, Bisping continued:

“You know what I’m saying, it sounds like he took the easy way out.”

Bisping of course is coming off a win at UFC 204, where he successfully made his first title defense as he picked up a unanimous decision win over Dan Henderson in Manchester. While he is currently recovering from several injuries in that fight, it has been revealed that when he is ready to defend his middleweight title, it will be against Yoel Romero.