VIDEO | Michael Bisping pleads with MMA fans to help raise money for child with brain tumor

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping is currently hard at work attempting to help a young fan raise money for a very important procedure in Oklahoma, which will help save the boy’s life.

Michael Bisping

‘Leo the Lion’ has beaten cancer three times over the course of his life, however unfortunate news surfaced weeks ago that a brain tumor has returned, and that for the best chance at survival, Leo must fly to Oklahoma for Proton Therapy. Unfortunately, the cost of the therapy is 150,000 GBP, which must be raised in just three short weeks. As a result, UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has now taken to social media, in a video you can see above, to plead with fans to donate what they can in order to help save Leo the Lion’s life.

“There’s a young man named Leo, we call him Leo the Lion. He’s fought and beat cancer three times already. Unfortunately, a brain tumor has come back, and the little guy only has weeks left to live. He needs to fly to Oklahoma to have what’s called Proton Therapy, and this is his only hope. We call him Leo The Lion, he’s fought and beat it so many times, God bless him, but we need to raise 150,000 GBP in under three weeks. I hate to ask, but please dig deep. Maybe, just the amount of money that you spend on a Starbucks, on a coffee, maybe just $1, $10, whatever you can give. I’m going to put a link to the GoFundMe in my Instagram account, you’ll see this video making the rounds. But please, there’s a young man out there that we can help, just throw in a couple of dollars. It’s nothing to us, but this young man has been through so much already, lets please try and help this young man. Save his life, and save his family.”

We have Embedded the GoFundMe page below, however you can also follow THIS LINK to the page.

This article first appeared on on 2/2/2017.

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