VIDEO | Kiai master bets $5,000 against MMA fighter

Here is a viral video that has been out for quite some time but for those who haven’t seen it yet, it usually sparks an interesting reaction.

According to an article from Craziest Sports Fights, Yanagi Ryuken is apparently an expert in the art of kiai. In the video above, you see Ryuken taking out his students without even touching them as he does movements that drop his students as they come in groups trying to put their attack on their master.

Yanagi Ryuken

Ryuken was so confident in his skills and technique that he put out a challenge to an MMA fighter, betting $5,000 to his opponent in a martial arts competition.

The article states that Jujitsuka and Karateka, Iwakura Goh was more than happy to accept Ryuken’s challenge and the two met for the competition where a referee officiated the fight. Ryuken and Goh sign a contract right before their fight and then get to competing.

It didn’t take long after the two met in the center of the mat and shook hands for the action to get started. Ryuken was actually the first to throw some sort of attack as he waved his arms in a similar fashion to where he was dropping his students, which did not have an affect on his opponent. Goh then goes on the offense and connects with a left that drops Ryuken.

Ryuken was allowed to get back to his feet and then an awkward moment occurs where it looks like Goh apologizes for hitting Ryuken. Ryuken touches his face in disbelief, likely feeling much more pain than he is used to and wondering how he was just hit.

Yanagi Ryuken Iwakura Goh

The two set and engage in the competition again and Goh grabs a hold of Ryuken and cracks him with three more lefts and kicks to the face and head that drop the kiai master to the mat. The fight is then stopped and Goh is declared the winner.

You hear it all the time that styles make fights. Unfortunately for Ryuken, his interesting style as a kiai master was obviously no match for Goh.

This article first appeared on on 3/28/2017.

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