VIDEO | Gi malfunction features topless woman in hilarious prank show skit

Who doesn’t enjoy a good ol’ prank?

As long as no one gets hurt and there is no harm and no foul, getting a good laugh can set you on the right track for the day, or even the week.

With the work week just starting back up, if you have a case of the Mondays, here is a funny video skit from “Naked and Funny” that should give you a good laugh.

From the “Naked and Funny” YouTube description:

“Naked and Funny is an official channels of the original producers of Naked & Funny television series, which was successfully broadcasted in over 40 countries. Naked and Funny is a hidden camera program with an erotic twist. The production team sets up hidden cameras out on the street, in restaurants, in movie theaters and anywhere imaginable and plays tricks on unsuspecting people. What sets this program apart from other hidden camera programs, however, is that it has an erotic element infused into it. For example, a waitress in a restaurant comes to take an unsuspecting client’s order and comes back with his food wearing nothing but lingerie! In the same show, an unsuspecting young lady is pulled over by a cop who gets out of his car and starts stripping for her! The reactions people have on the show are hilarious! Watch out because you could be pranked next!”

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