VIDEO | Gervonta Davis Says He’s Waiting on Dana White’s Call

Floyd Mayweather Gervonta Davis

MMA fighters are always looking to pull a Conor McGregor, now boxers are trying to pull a reverse McGregor. Floyd Mayweather keeps teasing a move to MMA with Tyron Woodley taking over his training, now Gervonta Davis is saying he wants inside the Octagon too. He says he can do it in-between boxing matches and his ground game is on point because he comes from Baltimore.

“I forget the fighter that called me out in the UFC, but he called me out and I went on YouTube and watched some UFC fights and I liked it. I was thinking maybe I can do that, maybe I can switch over back-and-forth. Something to play with when I’m not boxing or have a match. If the opportunity up for grabs, then I’m definitely willing to fight any of them guys in my weight class, not someone that’s super big.”

“I’m looking forward to fighting one of them if the opportunity presents itself. Someone in my weight class and my money right, a belt on the line – even if the belt is not on the line, if the money is right, I’m with it. I would take it and I would win. I come from Baltimore. We wrestle. We hit you up top and we rush you. So, I think I got [the ground game]. I believe I’ll be undefeated in the UFC too. Dana White, I’m waiting on your call baby.” — Gervonta Davis on TMZ Sports.

Well, there you have it. Let’s see Gervonta Davis against Demetrious Johnson Bully Beatdown style: 5-minute grappling only round. 5-minute kickboxing only round. Sean O’Malley already wants a piece as well. The whole thing sounds pretty ridiculous, but no one say that out loud because then it may actually happen. After all, we never thought McGregor would actually box Mayweather.

This article first appeared on on 3/17/2018.

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